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The First of Many New Friends

My first impression of KL was how much counterfeit goods where sold in china town while we was making our way to our hostel, the only place I would normally see this was HK but this was on another level with so many stores just selling fakes from LV, Mulberry, Longchamp and more.

At the hostel we bumped into a guy we met in our previous hostel in Singapore called Tom. The three of us went out for Chinese as we where staying around the corner from China town, I had chicken and chinese sausage rice clay pot for £1.20!! this was so lush, it reminds me of my parents home cooking. After we strolled down the night market browsing and bantering with the stall owners.

From that night we where travelling in a group of 3. The following days we explored Kuala Lumper which was a bit of a disappoint compared to Singapore. We visited a museum, orchid centre, national mosque (wasn’t that impressive) got lost in a massive shopping centre called Mid Valley, visited a temple in the Batu Caves which was guarded around scary monkeys and in the evenings we always walked around the busy streets of China Town buying small souvenirs which included finding boxers that fitted out friend Tom as the sizes here where tiny. Finally we gave up as the XXL was too small lol.

The three days we ate mostly Chinese food but one day we decided to have Mc Donald’s which consisted of a double chicken burger and ribena for £2.20. I found out that most of the Chinese people speak Cantonese (my language) which helped in situations like taxi fares and bargaining power. Tip When hailing a taxi look for Chinese drivers as we have found that they are less likely to scam you 🙂

Our hostel Fern Loft was really good as it was clean, modern, lots of back packers and friendly staff for only £4 a night. Here I created my own category of a stereo typical backpacker called ‘lost in travelling’ these are backpackers who stay in one place far too long, who just gets drunk in the evening and lay in bed all day, wasting time to see the city/town. There where a few of these but I guess it’s what they want.

Overall I would say KL was an okay city and only needed a few days. That’s all I think to say atm but in my next blog you will see that I stayed longer than expected.


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