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‘Welcome to my Paradise’ aka Tiomen Island

I thought the trip in Singapore was a good start but by the end of Tiomen Island I kinda of didn’t want to leave, this post will explain why…

So my first impression of Tiomen wasn’t as amazing as I expected, we traveled 8 hours to get there and while on the ferry over to the island Nick was soo close to being sick. When we got dropped of at the island it took us around 20mins walking up and down till we finally found a wooden hut with a double room and basic toilet for 4 pounds a night right on the beach 🙂

The first night we had dinner in a local restaurant which probably consisted of fried rice and vegetables. Then we got chatting to the owners of a beach bar and they offered to take us to Monkey Bay which was a 1 hour walk or shall I say trek! So at this point I didn’t really have a view on the island apart from the locals where nice and friendly. The second day, we woke up Ali Babba (yes I know. i don’t think its his real name either) and Danny 9am sharp for our morning trek! The walk was a TREK! monkeys, mosquitoes, proper muddy paths and steep slopes. Without their help I don’t think we would of made it. Once we arrived I forgot about the grueling sweaty hour trek. This was where I experienced snorkeling for the first time (yes I know the first time!) It was amazing saw Nemo and family an loads of fish, went snorkeling for hours and on the way back I saw a Eagle Ray that was over 1 metre wide!!! I found out, that this was very rare as divers on the island still hadn’t seen one yet!! 😀 Tip make sure you use plenty of sun lotion on the back of your body when snorkelling as now my back body is really tanned. Spent the rest of day sunbathing and had a pizza on the beach bar, which was then I realised I was truly happy here 🙂 Spent the evening having cocktails and joining a divers birthday party where I had the chance to swing fire (which nick was a bit nervous off haha).

The next day we had a relaxing day which consisted the beach, more snorkeling and a evening BBQ dinner. On the last day we decided to take up on discovery snorkeling which turned out to be AMAZING! At first I was very scared about being under water and unable to breathe but the 2 diving instructors from Liverpool where amazing trainers. We spent 45 mins diving to around 10 metres and saw sea turtles (was less than a metre from me, eating coral), black tip sharks, nemo and loads of fish, it was like I was in a fish tank no joke! The divers said that we was extremely lucky as other people never see turtles and sharks 😀

That night we had pizza and cocktails and this was when a lady asked us to join her male friends for drinks… Staring right at me on the spot I was like okay…. Once she left we was like no way haha and drank our drinks and left to see our Tioman friends. Honestly can you say no to them to her face and not be rude?? Maybe I need to learn how to reject people and be a bitch (joke). The last night was relaxing on the beach, watching a film and chatting in front of a bonfire made just for us. Ali Baba and Danny will be missed..

Overall Tioman island was paradise, amazing diving/snorkelling site, friendly locals, lovely beach and good pizzas. Here i fell in love with ice milo (ice hot chocolate). Would love to come back one day in the future, will have to see…