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Krabi Town & Sokran (Thai New Year)

Krabi town was better than I expected, instead of staying 2 nights as planned we stayed an extra 2. The bus ride there we met a lovely bunch of girls who we eventually stayed with during our time here 🙂 The hostel (Pak Up) that we stayed in was amazing! Modern, clean, chilled atmosphere and it had proper thick bed sheets, like at home 😀

After settling in we visited tiger temple and before you ask no there isn’t any real tigers lol. Anyways we walked up 1274 steps to a temple at a top of the mountain! Was hard work, as some of the steps was sooo steep and scary little monkeys on the way. It took, just under half an hour and the view was amazing especially during sunset!! Before we left, the girls brought a celebratory beer (not a fan of beer so I opted for sprite lol) for the top however big tip as it was a temple we totally forgot that alcohol was strictly forbidden!! So that was an epic fail moment esp as there where monks around but they didn’t see phewww.

The next day it was Songkran (Thai New Year) I found out this is the only day when you can literally drench anyone with water!!! 😀 That morning our hostel had a huge barrel of water filled with buckets and water guns. My highlight of the morning was pouring a whole bucket of water on a dry women on a motorbike who had to stop at a crossing LOL. There was also loads of open back trucks that carried loads of people who we had a massive water war with hahaha.

After the crazy water fights we took a long tail boat to Riley Beach which was AMAZING! The sand and sea was good however the scenery of the rocks around the bay was the highlight, the atmosphere was warming as the locals was celebrating there new year. We had a lush lunch of bbq chicken, pad thai and coleslaw and before we left we took a walk around the caves on the island. That evening we had dinner, cocktails and a boogie 🙂

The third day we all rented bicycles and took a long tail boat over the river and biked for 40 minutes on a small remote island. It was a change of scenery as it felt like we was in the countryside with no westerners around and kids waving hello to us (cute). We biked to luxury hotel and was able to use their swimming pool where we created a synchronise swim routine haha. After we biked back and stopped at a seafood restaurant where I had a messy but well lush red thai crab curry yummm. That evening we visited a good evening market where i picked up some vintage waist high Levi’s shorts for £2 and Nick brought random cheap clothes too.

The day after me and nick went on James Bond tour which my mum had always wanted to go to last time we was in Thailand. The day consisted of the usual boat ride, sight seeing, James Bond island, canoeing, and then lunch/shop on the floating village. That evening we was in for a treat 🙂 as one of the british guys who “helped” at the hostel cooked a proper roast chicken including all the trimmings for 20 people!! It was soo lushhhh!!

The last day me and nick had a relaxing massage before we got on the bus to Bangkok baby 😀

Overall Krabi was a small cute town with plenty of things to do. It’s normally just a quick stop over to Bangkok but be warned you may stay here longer than expected.


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Full Moon Party

The evening of the full moon party we took a speedboat over to Ko Pha Ngan and made some new friends on the way. Leading up to this day we have heard so many weird and crazy stories about the party from people dying, getting shot, theft, etc and i just couldn’t get over the fact there would be over 20,000 people visiting this one beach just to party!! It started off really well with out first bucket with a flashing ice cube haha 🙂 and then a crazy painting session with a group of lads from Australia. Nick painted an amazing thing all over my arm that continued onto my face. That night we just partied up and down the beach, from bar to bar, each blasting different types of music. By 1pm the beach was heaving with people in rave paints holding buckets 😀 and having a good time!

The entertainment on the beach was FIREE, locals swinging fire around, petrol fire slide that people could slide down and a huge skipping rope lit on fire. The fire Shows were amazing to watch, however joining in was not the best decision i could have made. Being stupid when drunk i thought i would attempt the skipping! Not cool lol, i received 2 small burns 😦 but don’t worry it was minor. I got bandaged up at the first aid place and then carried on drinking buckets for the rest of the night. Made new friends during the night and danced until we couldn’t hack it anymore and took the 5am speedboat back to Ko Samui 🙂 Tip dont go in to the sea during the night as it got abit polluted by…. i guess you can fill in the missing blanks oh and dont play with fire lol

Overall the full moon party was a great experience and I am happy to say that i have been there and done that! Wished we could of lasted till sunrise as the view was meant to be amazing. Nevermind, there is always next time 🙂


The Gulf of Thailand aka Islands on the East Coast

After our spontaneous plane trip to Thailand we finally arrived at Ko Pha Ngan, one of many islands on the Southern Gulf Coast. The first impression of Thailand wasn’t that great, as we boarded off the ferry we where greeted by many local touts. After some deliberation we ended up in a open back truck that took us to Hat Yao on the west coast. Here we found an amazing guesthouse that was newly refurbished and had aircon and fresh towels (luxury item) for £4 a night. That night we ate at an amazing hotel resort on the beach front, it was soo romantic all lit up, the staff was amazingly polite and helpful and with old school love songs in the background like westlife hahah. The sea was dead, completely different to the previous sea in Malaysia.

The next day we took a taxi to a local beach further North, here there is a tiny island just of the coast that is connected by a small sandy path, half way through the sandy path disappeared which led to us walking in the sea (not good when you’re short and the water is coming up to my waist). Here we sunbathed and went snorkelling. On the way back we decided to finish the relaxing day by having a Thai massage for like £5 an hour.

The full moon party was soon, which was located on the South of Ko Pha Ngan, we decided to travel Ko Samui the island next door as the accommodation around the full moon party was quite expensive and had minimum night stay. So Ko Samui wasn’t anything that I expected, we walked along the strip that felt like I was in Ibiza again! Loads of westerners, pubs/bars, amazing hotels and just general crappy souvenir shops all cramped together along the strip.

The island didn’t really have much to offer so we decided to go on a cheap island tour. Here we visited a couple of  Buddhas (wasn’t impressed), view point (not amazing), monkey breaking cocunuts, an okay waterfall and then the highlight of the trip was two rock formations that looks like the female and male genitals (nicknames fanny and dick) was quite impressed of the fanny hahaha. Then we headed of to the full moon party that evening but that will be in a separate blog 🙂

Next day we crashed the hotel next door and laid by the pool that afternoon before catching a boat to Ko Tao. Here we spend 2 days relaxing on the beach, which was nice after the busy island of Ko Samui. We heard from our books and people that it was one of the best islands to go diving but unfortunately we didn’t have time as we had a Ang Thong tour booked. Hopefully after Vietnam we may have a spare week to come back 😀

The Ang Thong National Marine park  tour was amazing it was made up of 42 small islands.  The day consisted of speed boat, sight seeing. buffet on a deserted beach, kayaking and beach. In the evening we found the local market which had local music, here we brought amazing sushi, meat on skewers, mango sticky rice and fresh fruit smoothie – was lush (bought way to much, both stuffed like a pig after haha).

Overall Thailand has been an amazing start with all the islands, the people are ever so friendly everywhere. The weather is hot hot hot, with hardly any rain, i have gotton so brown without even trying!! The food is here is all about the currys, our fave is the massaman curry that has potatos in it 🙂 Excited to see the rest of Thailand now

p.s im sooo far behind in my blog 😦 nearly one month – time to keep things short and sweet