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In Hindsight…

I am currently just over one week in to my travels abroad and have just started to write this post. In hindsight I wished I set this blog stuff up before i left the UK as I am having to spend time on setting it up and making it look nice blah blah blah…

Anyway enough about that, so in the last week I have done ALOT! Didn’t think traveling was gonna be this good but currently it is living up to more than I expected!! While I was in the UK everyone was like  your gonna have an amazing time blah blah blah, but for some reason i just think it was gonna be that good (its weird cus im normally so positive and get excited by stuff so easily).

Moving on… my first stop was Singapore. Singapore is meant to be the most expensive place where we was going to visit apart from Dubai.  Stayed at a lovely hostel for 3 nights (stayed an extra night than planned opps) which included breakfast and bicycle hire for only 8 pounds. Took up the bicycle hire and cycled to the east coast 10minutes away along the sea shore. Then in the evening we ventured out to China Town where we acted like tourists taking photos everywhere and browsing the market. For dinner we had the famous chicken skewers and seafood noodles which where lush (may create a food page  if i have time, for my food lovers hahah).

Day 2 – We traveled to Sentosa with a new friend from our hostel, here it was quite touristy with Universal Studios and lots of tourist. This is along the coast which had amazing beaches and sand. As it was the second day we just walked along the sea front enjoying the scenery and sat on the beach. We took cable cars around the area which was free. We visited the most Southern Point of Asia which was cool i think. We stopped and had lunch which was nasi lamak which is rice, cucumber, nuts and chicken curry thing for only 3pound 50-pence was good.In the evening we went to the Night Safari which was pretty impressive, here we got on a tram thing in the dark and saw loads of animals which was surprisingly all out in the dark. Spent the whole evening there and just went back to hostel for some hawker food f rice, chiken, pork and duck for a couple of pounds.

Final day we went to Marina bay to look at some tourist stuff and then went to the new casino/hotel which had an infinity pool at the top, this is a famous new building as it is very tall (dont know the exact details but famous). In the casino i won over 14pounds on the slot machines, this really made my day (Danny Wong i went in for you 🙂 then we attempted to sneak to the top deck of the hotel for the view but this was restricted to hotel guests and we kinda failed but we got to like floor 15?? After this we decided to go to the Raffles Hotel for the famous Singapore Sling (cocktail), here we where greeted with massive bowls of monkey nuts and the shells scattered all over the floor. The cocktail was around 13pounds (very expensive) but at least i can say i have had the famous Singapore Sling. Then in the evening we walked around Little India which was abit of a let down tbh.

Cant believe Ive written so much for 3 days!! Could of wrote sooo much more as we packed each day and did/see loads of things, probably should try and keep it short and sweet.

Overall Singapore was a big city that is well developed. Lots of things to do and see, people are very friendly and the beaches where nice.