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The Best Island so far – Perhentian Island

The morning of our travels to Pulau Perhentian Island (long beach) started off abit crazy… We overslept and woke up at 7.40am, 10 mins after our bus should of departed. After a 30 second discussion, we both quickly put on our shoes and ran to our bus stop 5 minutes away. Standing outside a busy local cafe in out pyjamas we soon found out that our bus hadn’t arrived 😀 we rushed back, got changed, packed and thankfully managed to catch our bus. Tip if your late for a bus/train/boat/plane in Asia always check that they haven’t left as they are more likely to be delayed, than to have left on time 🙂

At a local bus stop in Juranitut, we bumped into a worker who we meet previously. He turned out to be nicest guy ever, he let us use the Internet, drove us to the post office (sent nicks postcards on special friend discount) and drove us to the next bus stop and then gave us a whole melon to eat 🙂

It took us nearly the whole day to travel from Taman Negara to Perhentian, which included a boat trip to the island. We found a small bungalow with a fan for £4, and i had a ride on the back of the owners motorbike up the hill to our room. We ended the day having a BBQ dinner set of king prawns on the beach front.

The following day it felt was like I was on holiday 🙂 the bay was a long stretch of lovely white sandy beach. The sea was amazeballs, it was crystal clear and the waves was massive – constant strong wave machine soo much fun. However there was a flip side, 2 locals drowned a few days before due to the strong current. One of the days we were enjoying a light lunch when we heard screams from the sea, it was pretty scary stuff but the locals were on it! A hench man in little tight black trunks ran out and swam into the sea and saved the struggling swimmer. Round of applause all round.

The islands atmosphere in the evening was perfect. We had dinner on the beach front, lit by fire lanterns and sat on the beach chilling, drinking monkey juice and smoking shisha (nicks 1st time omg but now she’s pro 🙂

The following few days was very similar – food, beach, sea, drinks and shisha. One day we bumped into a few guys we meet previously at the formula 1 (small world). On the Saturday evening there where free drinks for the ladies and I had a little boogie at the bar haha. I soon realised that the locals love to ask me for my Facebook?! How do u say no?? Anyway I give them my name. As I know for a fact they won’t be able to find me as there are hundreds of me, perfect plan (p.s. I am the best one of out of the hundreds 😀

The last day I nearly got caught in the sea current and struggled to swim only a few metres back to shore even though the water was only up to my stomach, however I met a few guys from Liverpool who pulled me in 🙂 which was funny as they struggled for 10 minutes swimming themselves. (actually wasn’t funny lol). That night we had met up with the same guys and couple of others. We decided that we would meet up with the boys in north of Thailand to go trekking with, we will see…

Overall Perhentian island was perfect. The sea, sand, restaurant and the evening atmosphere. It was the perfect the break that nick and I needed to relax and wind down after the hectic trips inland. I kinda wished that we went snorkelling as its meant to be amazing here with loads of sea turtles. Our Malaysian adventures are fast approaching the end!

P.s. we both started to miss/crave potatoes, as the carbs in Asia are mainly noodles and rice! To fill this craving I had an amazing tuna, sweetcorn and cheese jacket potato, yum!



Cameron Highlands, Formula 1 and Taman Negara

Writing this blog is taking much more time than I expected, however I’ve downloaded the iPhone app so I’m typing this as I spend hours and hours on the bus travelling up and down the country. Hopefully now i will be able to update you guys more frequently 🙂

So since KL we made a two day trip to the Cameron Highlands, the weather here was lush, similar to a hot sunny day in the UK, which meant a break from the humid weather in the city. Shortly after arriving we decided to have a 30 mins neck and back massage. This is hopefully one of the many massages I will be receiving 😉 That evening for dinner we had a steam boat (also known as hot pot in the Uk) this consists of cooking meat and vegetables in a boiling pot. Sounds weird but I love it 🙂 only cost £1.50 – bargain. Was proud of nick trying lots of new foods like tofu and wontons. Our friend Tom got a bit tipsy on one can of Chang beer! Lol at him.

The following day we took a morning tour that consisted of visiting butterfly/reptile farm, strawberry farm (criminal activity took place as we stole a strawberry while we was under CCTV haha), rose centre, mosque and the tea plantation. This took up most of the day but the highlight of the tour was visiting the tea plantation and factory, the views was amazing and looked like the scene of the PG tips women picking tea leaves. The tea company there was called Boh tea which I brought for my rents to try. I also decided to buy some green tea for my dad at the local shop, however when i left I realised that they where from China = EPIC FAIL.  In the town Nick got a leather maker to hand make her a leather arm thing which she absolutely loved.

After that small trip we traveled back to KL and brought a 3 day ticket to see the Formula 1 over the weekend. To be honest I have never watched it before however i thought why not as I’m here and wasn’t too expensive. We had a hill side view which allowed us to see over 60% of the track, i couldn’t believe how loud the cars were. Before the race I got a glimpse of Michael Schmacker (dont know how to spell it) who was signing autographs. It was just our luck that it started to pour down with rain within the first few minutes of the race starting. They soon stopped the race for safety reasons, and we were unsure if it would start up again, after about 40 mins the race continued. After the Formula 1 we decided to test our racing skills by going go-karting which was fun! (Tom came 1st, then me and then Nick).

The last day in Kuala Lumper we did some shopping where Tom brought a sh*tpad (fake iPad) for around £80, the lady on the stall was very amusing. In the evening we visited the Petronas Towers which looked amazing lit up.

The final small trip was to the Taman Negara National Park, here we trekked in the jungle to the canopy walk which was 50 metres high, this was made out of rope which was a bit daunting. This trip was very peaceful with not many tourists, we took a long tail boat down the river and always ate on floating restaurants on the river, which you had to walk on a plank of wood to get on to.

Overall this trip has been very spontaneous so far, packed with little trips and activities. Time is going really quick and I’m loving every minute of it, already 17 days in and haven’t missed home so far….


The First of Many New Friends

My first impression of KL was how much counterfeit goods where sold in china town while we was making our way to our hostel, the only place I would normally see this was HK but this was on another level with so many stores just selling fakes from LV, Mulberry, Longchamp and more.

At the hostel we bumped into a guy we met in our previous hostel in Singapore called Tom. The three of us went out for Chinese as we where staying around the corner from China town, I had chicken and chinese sausage rice clay pot for £1.20!! this was so lush, it reminds me of my parents home cooking. After we strolled down the night market browsing and bantering with the stall owners.

From that night we where travelling in a group of 3. The following days we explored Kuala Lumper which was a bit of a disappoint compared to Singapore. We visited a museum, orchid centre, national mosque (wasn’t that impressive) got lost in a massive shopping centre called Mid Valley, visited a temple in the Batu Caves which was guarded around scary monkeys and in the evenings we always walked around the busy streets of China Town buying small souvenirs which included finding boxers that fitted out friend Tom as the sizes here where tiny. Finally we gave up as the XXL was too small lol.

The three days we ate mostly Chinese food but one day we decided to have Mc Donald’s which consisted of a double chicken burger and ribena for £2.20. I found out that most of the Chinese people speak Cantonese (my language) which helped in situations like taxi fares and bargaining power. Tip When hailing a taxi look for Chinese drivers as we have found that they are less likely to scam you 🙂

Our hostel Fern Loft was really good as it was clean, modern, lots of back packers and friendly staff for only £4 a night. Here I created my own category of a stereo typical backpacker called ‘lost in travelling’ these are backpackers who stay in one place far too long, who just gets drunk in the evening and lay in bed all day, wasting time to see the city/town. There where a few of these but I guess it’s what they want.

Overall I would say KL was an okay city and only needed a few days. That’s all I think to say atm but in my next blog you will see that I stayed longer than expected.


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‘Welcome to my Paradise’ aka Tiomen Island

I thought the trip in Singapore was a good start but by the end of Tiomen Island I kinda of didn’t want to leave, this post will explain why…

So my first impression of Tiomen wasn’t as amazing as I expected, we traveled 8 hours to get there and while on the ferry over to the island Nick was soo close to being sick. When we got dropped of at the island it took us around 20mins walking up and down till we finally found a wooden hut with a double room and basic toilet for 4 pounds a night right on the beach 🙂

The first night we had dinner in a local restaurant which probably consisted of fried rice and vegetables. Then we got chatting to the owners of a beach bar and they offered to take us to Monkey Bay which was a 1 hour walk or shall I say trek! So at this point I didn’t really have a view on the island apart from the locals where nice and friendly. The second day, we woke up Ali Babba (yes I know. i don’t think its his real name either) and Danny 9am sharp for our morning trek! The walk was a TREK! monkeys, mosquitoes, proper muddy paths and steep slopes. Without their help I don’t think we would of made it. Once we arrived I forgot about the grueling sweaty hour trek. This was where I experienced snorkeling for the first time (yes I know the first time!) It was amazing saw Nemo and family an loads of fish, went snorkeling for hours and on the way back I saw a Eagle Ray that was over 1 metre wide!!! I found out, that this was very rare as divers on the island still hadn’t seen one yet!! 😀 Tip make sure you use plenty of sun lotion on the back of your body when snorkelling as now my back body is really tanned. Spent the rest of day sunbathing and had a pizza on the beach bar, which was then I realised I was truly happy here 🙂 Spent the evening having cocktails and joining a divers birthday party where I had the chance to swing fire (which nick was a bit nervous off haha).

The next day we had a relaxing day which consisted the beach, more snorkeling and a evening BBQ dinner. On the last day we decided to take up on discovery snorkeling which turned out to be AMAZING! At first I was very scared about being under water and unable to breathe but the 2 diving instructors from Liverpool where amazing trainers. We spent 45 mins diving to around 10 metres and saw sea turtles (was less than a metre from me, eating coral), black tip sharks, nemo and loads of fish, it was like I was in a fish tank no joke! The divers said that we was extremely lucky as other people never see turtles and sharks 😀

That night we had pizza and cocktails and this was when a lady asked us to join her male friends for drinks… Staring right at me on the spot I was like okay…. Once she left we was like no way haha and drank our drinks and left to see our Tioman friends. Honestly can you say no to them to her face and not be rude?? Maybe I need to learn how to reject people and be a bitch (joke). The last night was relaxing on the beach, watching a film and chatting in front of a bonfire made just for us. Ali Baba and Danny will be missed..

Overall Tioman island was paradise, amazing diving/snorkelling site, friendly locals, lovely beach and good pizzas. Here i fell in love with ice milo (ice hot chocolate). Would love to come back one day in the future, will have to see…