Full Moon Party

The evening of the full moon party we took a speedboat over to Ko Pha Ngan and made some new friends on the way. Leading up to this day we have heard so many weird and crazy stories about the party from people dying, getting shot, theft, etc and i just couldn’t get over the fact there would be over 20,000 people visiting this one beach just to party!! It started off really well with out first bucket with a flashing ice cube haha πŸ™‚ and then a crazy painting session with a group of lads from Australia. Nick painted an amazing thing all over my arm that continued onto my face. That night we just partied up and down the beach, from bar to bar, each blasting different types of music. By 1pm the beach was heaving with people in rave paints holding buckets πŸ˜€ and having a good time!

The entertainment on the beach was FIREE, locals swinging fire around, petrol fire slide that people could slide down and a huge skipping rope lit on fire. The fire Shows were amazing to watch, however joining in was not the best decision i could have made. Being stupid when drunk i thought i would attempt the skipping! Not cool lol, i received 2 small burns 😦 but don’t worry it was minor. I got bandaged up at the first aid place and then carried on drinking buckets for the rest of the night. Made new friends during the night and danced until we couldn’t hack it anymore and took the 5am speedboat back to Ko Samui πŸ™‚ Tip dont go in to the sea during the night as it got abit polluted by…. i guess you can fill in the missing blanks oh and dont play with fire lol

Overall the full moon party was a great experience and I am happy to say that i have been there and done that! Wished we could of lasted till sunrise as the view was meant to be amazing. Nevermind, there is always next time πŸ™‚



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