The Best Island so far – Perhentian Island

The morning of our travels to Pulau Perhentian Island (long beach) started off abit crazy… We overslept and woke up at 7.40am, 10 mins after our bus should of departed. After a 30 second discussion, we both quickly put on our shoes and ran to our bus stop 5 minutes away. Standing outside a busy local cafe in out pyjamas we soon found out that our bus hadn’t arrived πŸ˜€ we rushed back, got changed, packed and thankfully managed to catch our bus. Tip if your late for a bus/train/boat/plane in Asia always check that they haven’t left as they are more likely to be delayed, than to have left on time πŸ™‚

At a local bus stop in Juranitut, we bumped into a worker who we meet previously. He turned out to be nicest guy ever, he let us use the Internet, drove us to the post office (sent nicks postcards on special friend discount) and drove us to the next bus stop and then gave us a whole melon to eat πŸ™‚

It took us nearly the whole day to travel from Taman Negara to Perhentian, which included a boat trip to the island. We found a small bungalow with a fan for Β£4, and i had a ride on the back of the owners motorbike up the hill to our room. We ended the day having a BBQ dinner set of king prawns on the beach front.

The following day it felt was like I was on holiday πŸ™‚ the bay was a long stretch of lovely white sandy beach. The sea was amazeballs, it was crystal clear and the waves was massive – constant strong wave machine soo much fun. However there was a flip side, 2 locals drowned a few days before due to the strong current. One of the days we were enjoying a light lunch when we heard screams from the sea, it was pretty scary stuff but the locals were on it! A hench man in little tight black trunks ran out and swam into the sea and saved the struggling swimmer. Round of applause all round.

The islands atmosphere in the evening was perfect. We had dinner on the beach front, lit by fire lanterns and sat on the beach chilling, drinking monkey juice and smoking shisha (nicks 1st time omg but now she’s pro πŸ™‚

The following few days was very similar – food, beach, sea, drinks and shisha. One day we bumped into a few guys we meet previously at the formula 1 (small world). On the Saturday evening there where free drinks for the ladies and I had a little boogie at the bar haha. I soon realised that the locals love to ask me for my Facebook?! How do u say no?? Anyway I give them my name. As I know for a fact they won’t be able to find me as there are hundreds of me, perfect plan (p.s. I am the best one of out of the hundreds πŸ˜€

The last day I nearly got caught in the sea current and struggled to swim only a few metres back to shore even though the water was only up to my stomach, however I met a few guys from Liverpool who pulled me in πŸ™‚ which was funny as they struggled for 10 minutes swimming themselves. (actually wasn’t funny lol). That night we had met up with the same guys and couple of others. We decided that we would meet up with the boys in north of Thailand to go trekking with, we will see…

Overall Perhentian island was perfect. The sea, sand, restaurant and the evening atmosphere. It was the perfect the break that nick and I needed to relax and wind down after the hectic trips inland. I kinda wished that we went snorkelling as its meant to be amazing here with loads of sea turtles. Our Malaysian adventures are fast approaching the end!

P.s. we both started to miss/crave potatoes, as the carbs in Asia are mainly noodles and rice! To fill this craving I had an amazing tuna, sweetcorn and cheese jacket potato, yum!



2 thoughts on “The Best Island so far – Perhentian Island

  1. freewillietravel says:

    Nice guys, Nice. First time ive read your blog and its fookin wikid mate. I like the tips you give people, they are pretty helpful Jess. Oh and when u coming to thailand. Ive been here pretty much since we left you guys and its cool but i do feel like some travel again after working as a painter in my uncles school. Peaceing and Loving. Wills from KL x

    • jesswong8 says:

      Hey Will!!! Thanks for the compliment on my blog it’s becoming abit of a chore now nooo but determined to keep going πŸ™‚ I’m over a month behind now so we have done Thailand, Laos and now just starting North of Vietnam for 3/4 weeks and then Cambodia πŸ™‚ where you thinking of travelling? Loves both of us xxxx

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