Cameron Highlands, Formula 1 and Taman Negara

Writing this blog is taking much more time than I expected, however I’ve downloaded the iPhone app so I’m typing this as I spend hours and hours on the bus travelling up and down the country. Hopefully now i will be able to update you guys more frequently 🙂

So since KL we made a two day trip to the Cameron Highlands, the weather here was lush, similar to a hot sunny day in the UK, which meant a break from the humid weather in the city. Shortly after arriving we decided to have a 30 mins neck and back massage. This is hopefully one of the many massages I will be receiving 😉 That evening for dinner we had a steam boat (also known as hot pot in the Uk) this consists of cooking meat and vegetables in a boiling pot. Sounds weird but I love it 🙂 only cost £1.50 – bargain. Was proud of nick trying lots of new foods like tofu and wontons. Our friend Tom got a bit tipsy on one can of Chang beer! Lol at him.

The following day we took a morning tour that consisted of visiting butterfly/reptile farm, strawberry farm (criminal activity took place as we stole a strawberry while we was under CCTV haha), rose centre, mosque and the tea plantation. This took up most of the day but the highlight of the tour was visiting the tea plantation and factory, the views was amazing and looked like the scene of the PG tips women picking tea leaves. The tea company there was called Boh tea which I brought for my rents to try. I also decided to buy some green tea for my dad at the local shop, however when i left I realised that they where from China = EPIC FAIL.  In the town Nick got a leather maker to hand make her a leather arm thing which she absolutely loved.

After that small trip we traveled back to KL and brought a 3 day ticket to see the Formula 1 over the weekend. To be honest I have never watched it before however i thought why not as I’m here and wasn’t too expensive. We had a hill side view which allowed us to see over 60% of the track, i couldn’t believe how loud the cars were. Before the race I got a glimpse of Michael Schmacker (dont know how to spell it) who was signing autographs. It was just our luck that it started to pour down with rain within the first few minutes of the race starting. They soon stopped the race for safety reasons, and we were unsure if it would start up again, after about 40 mins the race continued. After the Formula 1 we decided to test our racing skills by going go-karting which was fun! (Tom came 1st, then me and then Nick).

The last day in Kuala Lumper we did some shopping where Tom brought a sh*tpad (fake iPad) for around £80, the lady on the stall was very amusing. In the evening we visited the Petronas Towers which looked amazing lit up.

The final small trip was to the Taman Negara National Park, here we trekked in the jungle to the canopy walk which was 50 metres high, this was made out of rope which was a bit daunting. This trip was very peaceful with not many tourists, we took a long tail boat down the river and always ate on floating restaurants on the river, which you had to walk on a plank of wood to get on to.

Overall this trip has been very spontaneous so far, packed with little trips and activities. Time is going really quick and I’m loving every minute of it, already 17 days in and haven’t missed home so far….



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